Thursday, March 08, 2007


Well the Honeymoon sailing The Whitsunday’s was fabulous. I will post a few photos here but if you want some more stories check out Tom’s blog the stories are a laugh.

Tom insisted on having the sails up wherever possible. I hated the sails as this meant Tom yelling at me: “Quickly, go north, bare away” I mean where the hell is that…left or right? Or other things like “for god sake pull the sheet, pull the sheet, man the halliards”. To me, a sheet sounds like it should be a sail- but no…it’s a bloody rope! And despite ending each demand with “please honey”, it didn’t mean that it was said in a particularly loving way!!

One story I am sure that Tom will not tell is of a fantastic, brave and speedy little butterfly, which made me laugh until I cried. Tom, being determined to ‘sail’ and not ‘motor’, had both sails up while heading to Hamilton Island- in a hurry so that he could make his radio gig via mobile. So slick and fast were we going that I looked over Tom’s shoulder and saw a butterfly catching us. Not only did the little beauty catch us, but also proceeded to overtake us, cut across our bows and fly out of sight! Like I said; laughed until I cried. Tom did keep insisting that we could catch him, but the butterfly was already home for a cuppa.

This is what happiness looks like...

Our 32ft yatch...with a storm brewing around us.

Tom managed to catch a fish and is obviously proud of his achievment, however he dropped it off the back of the boat while he was cleaning it!

Valentines Day on Hamilton Island...I'm very excited about the pool.

Beautiful sunsets every night...


thr said...

Clarification dear wife:
- The fish I am holding is NOT the one I kept- that one is too small. you just set me up to charged with something fishy.
- I let the butterfly win. Hell they only live three days- I was like "make a wish" foundation for butterflies.
- A sheet is a rope attached to the clew of a sail.

that is all


Rachelr said...

what the f*** is a clew...we are off boat now, speak english.