Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just A Budgie?

I think it is pathetic when people obsess about their pets. Does it have the right bedding, lifestyle, trinkets and matching jacket? People can go a little crazy and treat their pets like humans and in some weird and bizarre cases, better than humans...

Meet Caboose, he is our budgie and I'm afraid we have gone over the top. He looks over the computer watching Tom work, treats my bike like an adventure park, sits on my shoulder and nibbles my hair and when he goes "missing" he will be found behind the TV unit playing with all the cables.

As you can see we are just a tad concerned that Caboose is kept clean, healthy, safe and well entertained. Weekly Tom finds fresh gum leaves, twigs and sticks. Caboose can sit for hours playing on the top of his cage which is equipped with bells, balls, branches and even a seed dish. As his wings are clipped at the moment we have of course provided him with easy walking access to the door of his cage! Now I have to run...I am off to the pet store...I have heard that they sell a fabulous "budgie playpen"

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Anonymous said...

I can't type anything I'm laughing so hard. Even you have to be kidding. Love Mum