Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lazy, or at one with technology?

I am shouting out loud that I love technology, especially when it means that I can get someone/thing without actually getting up. I am on night duty for the foreseeable future. Tom and I have a mobile phone plan that allows free 3min calls between us, 24/7. So at 1pm when I wake up (the middle of my "night"), and want a glass of water what do I do? Should I stumble out to the kitchen find a glass and get the water myself? NO, technology to the rescue, I call Tom on my Mobile; Me "where are you babe?" Tom "In the lounge room" Me "Can you bring me a glass of water?" and god bless him he usually responds "Sure, be right there"...LOVE technology.
Just today we were both home together, a cold rainy day and I was rugged up on the couch with the laptop and Tom was on the computer in the "office". And yes..we were happily MSNing each other rather than yelling through the house, sending links etc. Then with my tummy grumbling at 6pm I thought I would abuse this technology one step further. A new feature for MSN is that you can record and send a voice clip, so I did. "Get my dinner" I believe was the request. This was the first time that either of us had discovered the voice sending option and therefore sent us both into hysterics and Tom actually walked to the lounge room anyway, defeating the purpose!
Anyway for a laugh have a listen on Tom's blog

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Anonymous said...

Ubelievibly lazy!!!! Love the hat love Mum